Limited OB Ultrasound

NEW One day didactic/hands-on AP Testing, Triage, L&D
Team Taught: Polly Charleston, AD, RT, RDMS
Rose Gozdowski, AD, LPN, RDMS
Cindy Parke, RNC, MSN, CNM
8hr CE/ Post test

Electronic Fetal Monitoring Review

New One Day Format:
EFM Review: Essential Concepts for EFM Certification and Credentialing
Presented By: Cindy Parke 8hr CE:

High Risk OB: Be Aware & Save

Presented By: Suzanne McMurtry Baird, DNP, RN
16 hr CE

Inpatient Obstetrics Review

Presented by: Cindy Parke, RNC, C-EFM, CNM, MSN
16 hr CE:

Maternal & Newborn Review:

Presented by: Cindy Parke, RNC, CNM, MSN & Tracy Karp, RNC, MS, NNP
24 hr CE:

NICU: Comprehensive Review

Prepared and Presented by Tracy Karp RNC, MSN, NNP

16 hr CE: (NCC exam option on third morning)

Women’s Health Ultrasound:

Expanded Didactic & Hands On
Content for APN’s, Midwives & Doc’s
Polly Charleston, RT, RDMS, Rose Gozdowski, LPN, RDMS
Cindy Parke, MSN, CNM 15 hr CE

Webinar Series:


Presented by Cindy Parke, RNC, C-EFM, CNM, MSN
Courses available: InPatient OB
CE Credits for IOB: 18hrs
CE Credits for EFM: 11hrs

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