2020 demanded and we did our best to meet your needs.  2021 will bring more innovation!  

In 2020 PEC, as you, found it difficult to meet our goal of continuing to  promote maternal and Infant health through the continuing education of OB professionals.
PEC is very aware of the level of professionalism and commitment that you demonstrated in your communities, and we would like to thank all of you for your care and devotion. Even with those struggles, many of you also included continuing educaiton and the goal of NCC cetificaiton into your stressful lives!  

PEC attempted to meet your needs with slect live seminars, select recorded webinars for InPatient OB and EFM Reviews, Online Modules products in Ultrasound training, and HomeStudy Units during the initial shut down.  We have been pleased to work with our hosts and hotels using the CDC guidelines to provide some of our live seminars this summer and fall.  We are now able to announce that the Maternal Newborn Review, NICU Review, and new the Low Risk Neonatal Intensive Nursing Reviews will be available as Live Virtual events in 2021.  There are a few select dates for Ultrasound Training (that allows “modified hands-on”) along with indivudalized recorded training for ultrasond. 

PEC will continue working on expanding offerings with our nationally elite speakers, the experts in each area of discussion/study.
Each presenter authors their own materials, providing you with an organized review of the essentials, and the ability to keep content updated.
Professional Education Center believes that seminar authorship matters.

For your convenience and comfort, all Professional Education Center live seminars include a complete printed syllabus, continental breakfast, and lunch.  We will have limited schedule for 2021 posted very soon (please watch the website, hosts have had to make changes based on the COVID-19 requirements of their institution, and we try to keep you updated).  Live and recorded webinars give you the option to have a printed and bound handout mailed to you.  

The recorded webinar series for InPatient OB and EFM Advanced Concepts Reviews will continue to be available as recorded webinar series.  You choose your start date, and make the educaiton work around your schedule.
Maternal Newborn, NICU, and the NEW Low Risk Neonatal ICU Reviews will be avaialbe in a live virtual format on selected dates and to accomodate different time zones.


Education at a Vacation Destination is still available!  

Why not take time for yourself|? Join us at one of our Education at Vacation Destination locations!

Anaheim, CA
Hilo, HI (we hope) 
Seattle, WA
Reno, NV (totally smoke free hotel experience)
Providence, RI (the greater Boston, MA area)


NCC has announced that they will no longer have the ability for paper-pencil testing, in 2021.  Consequently, this option at a PEC Review Seminar will cease.  However,  we are excited to be negotiating with NCC to bring a different exclusive offer to all PEC students from both webinars and seminars.  Please check back for all the details!  

Someone that benefited from our nursing seminar

Bring a PEC Seminar to your Site, or utilize a webinar format for your group!  

Seminars are available to bring to your site, and a private event has these advantages:

  • Saves travel time and expense for your staff
  • Assists the group effort to become certified and thus meet Magnet initiatives
  • Has the potential to save staff or the system on registration fees
  • Has the potential to generate funds to cover costs
  • Has the potential as a recruitment tool
  • Promotes teamwork

To discuss your unique needs and to find out how PEC can help you meet your goals
email cindy@proedcenter.com

InPatient OB Review

Presented by
Cindy Parke, RNC, C-EFM, CNM, MSN 

Seminar:  16 CE Credit Hours
Recorded webinar series (19 one hour sessions):  19 CE Credit Hours 

Maternal & Low Risk Newborn Review

Presented by

Cindy Parke, RNC, CNM, MSN
& Tracy Karp, RNC, NNP, MS

Seminar options 2020 and 2021
Option in 2020 to take the NCC Exam on the third morning at 9am

Coming in 2021:  Live Virtual 3 day events at a reduced cost
24 CE Credit Hours 

NICU Review

Presented by

Tracy Karp, RNC, MS, NNP

A two day Seminar in 2020 and 2021
Newly available 2021:  Live Virtual option
16 hr CE Credit Hours

Women’s Health Ultrasound

Teaching Team
Polly Charleston, AD, RT, RDMS
Cindy Parke, RNC, CNM, MSN
Rose Gozdowski, LPN, AD, RDMS

“Basic Hands-On” with fetal and pelvic phantoms/abdominal and transvaginal probes/software modules
Try out the new Hand Held AiM SONON 300C Wireless Ultrasound

Two day more comprehensive syllabus:  Post test to demonstrate mastery
15 CE Credit Hours

EFM Review:
Electronic Fetal Monitoring Advanced Review
New one day format:
8 hours CE Credit
with option for
NCC exam on-site in 2020
Available as a recorded webinar series:  11,one hour sessions at a reduced price

Presented by
Cindy Parke, RNC, C-EFM, CNM, MSN 

High Risk & Critical Care OB:
Be Aware & Save Lives

Limited 2020 and 2021 live seminar events only

Presented by
Suzanne McMurtry Biard, DNP, RN

16 CE Credit Hours

Limited OB Ultrasound:
Third Trimester 
One Day Format with post test to demonstrate mastery
Meets AWHONN and ACNM basic didactic education requirement

“Basic Hands-On” with fetal and abdominal phantoms/abdominal probe/software modules
Try out the new Hand Held AiM SONON 300C Wireless Ultrasound

Team teaching presented by:
Polly Charleston, AD, RT, RDMS

Rose Gozdowski, AD, LPN, RDMS
Cindy Parke, RNC, MSN, CNM
8hr CE

 Online Webinars 

NCC Exam Prep Reviews
Recorded InPatient OB Review: 19 one hour sessions
Recorded EFM Advanced Concepts Review:  11 one hour sessions 

Coming in 2021 Live Virtual Reviews for
Maternal Newborn Review
NICU Review
and the NEW Low Risk Neonatal Intensive Care Review