About Us

Professional Education Center has been offering quality continuing education for the healthcare professional since 1991. PEC is THE PLACE for focused OB education; The PEC seminar educators are THE EXPERTS in each field, PEC seminars include the complete spectrum of OB: AP- IP- PP- NSY- NICU

Professional Education Center was established in 1991 and it continues its mission to Educate Healthcare Professionals in the OB field. We believe that only through continual education can we maintain the highest level of professionalism, to ensure our clients get the best care possible. Professional Education Center believes that education is a lifelong need for professional growth.

Professional Education Center provides continuing education programs across the nation, that focus on Women’s Health, Obstetrics, and Newborn Care. PEC’s commitment is to quality learning for enhanced and safer patient care. We select and contract with speakers who are the recognized experts in their field for the presentation of seminars requested by nurses and midwives. We focus on the suggested areas of study recommended by organizations responsible for quality, safety, and practice Standards, such as AWHONN, ACNM, NIH, AHRQ, ACOG, and AAP.

Do you have a goal to be a Certified RN through NCC? If so, PEC has Review Seminars and offer the exclusive opportunity for participants to apply as a candidate and sit one of five NCC exams on site. A paper-pencil format is utilized and has a reduced cost, as well as the opportunity to complete review and testing together. If you are already certified, our Seminars and HomeStudy Units provide continuing education that you need to meet recertification requirements. For your convenience, click on the NCC link above; the PEC staff have divided all Seminars and HomeStudy Units
​into NCC Codes…