Basic Ultrasound Scan Technology Simulated Clinical Training Module

This is a basic introductory module, for those in need of further understanding or review of ultrasound principles, equipment, and scanning techniques before proceeding with procedures.  The basic techniques required to begin general ultrasound scanning, are provided.   Image Optimization is explained and practiced.  There are no OB Ultrasound scenarios within this module.  The online simulator offers three different scan scenarios, using abdominal anatomy, so you can learn the scanning process, step by step.

Module Requirements for 4 CE credits:
1) Log a minimum of 3 hours within the module.
2) Take Quizzes “Week 2” and “Week 4” and pass at a minimum 94% score.
3) Download your log, print and attach in an email to PEC.

Basic Ultrasound Scan Technology Module Objectives: Following completion of the Module requirements the learner will:

  • Understand the general ultrasound terminology and definitions.
  • ​Describe key ultrasound concepts such as scan planes (sagittal, transverse, oblique) image orientation, and cross-sectional anatomy.
  • Demonstrate the preparation of and positioning of a patient for an ultrasound scan.
  • Identify the generic knobology of ultrasound equipment, and the techniques to obtain the best images.
  • Demonstrate the steps in performing an abdominal ultrasound exam by practicing with an interactive simulator.
  • Review the methods for obtaining optimum ultrasound images, including transducer approaches, manipulations, and patient breathing techniques.
  • Demonstrate the process of annotating ultrasound images and measuring structures.
  • Identify professional considerations for both the patient and operator of ultrasound procedure.