COVID-19 update from PEC:

In the interest of health for all, PEC is watching the news and updates about COVID-19 closely.
With the directives from CA Governor Newsome, we have closed the office.
Please direct all questions to 

We thank you for yor patience and cooperation during these disrupting adjustments.  Safety and health are our paramount concerns.
We at PEC thank you for your devotion to the profession, your resilience will likely be further tested, thank you in advance.

Please go to reputable sources for information and be that nurse in the community that speaks from knowledge and not panic.
My subscription to ObGFirst: has proved most valuable.
I am getting updates about the COVID 19 virus and new information reagrding pregnancy daily.
This is what came to my email box yesterday, very helpful:

The idea behind this is to “flatten the curve”.  I found this simulation article relased by the Washington Post today  to also be informative:

Direct link from the CDC a statement particular to
Obstetric InPatient care:

The CDC directive from 3/15 advised avoiding gatherings for 8 weeks.  That takes us to May 10th.
We are working quickly to reschedule most of our seminars through that date.
 PEC would like to thank the devoted host hospital representtives for their help.  

Please check the website registration page of your event for updates, and watch your email. 
We will notify you by email, and post on the specific registration page of this website any specific news regarding a particular event. 

We understand that the postponement of an event is difficult for you and that it interrupts plans for certification and obtaining needed CE credits.
We do have alternative solutions to travel and classroom attendance:
Both the InPatient OB Review and the EFM Review are available as webinar series, and if your registration can be transferred to that option.
PEC also has HomeStudy Units, text books with self study units for earning needed credits, available.

If you were consdering a seminar, possibly a webinar series would better fit your needs.
We have a new mechanism for the months of March and April: You pick your start date.

As a health care professional, you know that we are exposed to illness in our workplace.  We practice universal precautions and
specific infectious disease protocols including use of personal protective equipment and good handwashing.  The additional reminders
of coughing into your elbow, sneezing into a tissue that you dispose of, keeping your hands from your face,
and staying home if you are ill (that includes not coming to a seminar if ill) are to be stressed, and remind your loved ones as well!


PEC has been in direct communication with NCC regarding the procedure for cancelled and rescheduled seminars and testing at a seminar site.
PLEASE do not reach out to NCC, PLEASE EMAIL CINDY DIRECTLY: with your questions if needed.

Here are the basic instructions:

1.  If you were scheduled for a seminar and the exam on site, you may transfer to the rescheduled date for both the seminar and the testing at no charge
from either PEC or NCC.  Watch your email and respond by email with your decision.  We hope to have the rescheduled dates settled within 2 weeks.

2.  You may change from a cancelled or rescheduled seminar to the Webinar Series (InPatient OB and EFM Review only), at no charge from PEC.
If you were scheduled for the NCC test at a computer site, continue with your present plan.
We advise that you consult the NCC website for their updates:

3.  You may change from a seminar to the webinar series (InPatient OB and EFM Review only), at no charge from PEC.
If you were scheduled for the NCC test on site, you MUST MAKE A CHOICE regarding testing, as you will not be attending a rescheduled seminar.

Option A:  You are invited to sit a paper-pencil on site exam at any of the other 2020 PEC test sites, there will be no fee charged by NCC for that change.  Download this calendar, testing site/dates are in (*) in the right hand column of the calendar.  YOU MUST NOTIFY CINDY@PROEDCENTER.COM DIRECTLY TO RESCHEDULE.  DO NOT, DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL NCC FOR THESE CHANGES.
Option B:  You may make the decision to change to computerized testing.  YOU MUST DO THIS YOURSELF ON-LINE AT THE NCC WEBSITE, AND YOU WILL BE CHARGED A $125 FEE.  YOU MUST DO THAT BEFORE YOUR ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED TEST DATE.  The NCC websit page link for changes is  Scroll down and follow instructions.  

If you are registered for the 2020 Cruise and Learn it has been postponed.  The 2021 Cruise will not be affeted by this postponment.
Watch that website, or communication from Majestic1Vacations International
for updates.