COVID-19 update from PEC:

In the interest of health for all, PEC is watching the news and updates about COVID-19 closely.
With the directives from CA Governor Newsome, we had closed the office,
it is now open again, with reduced hours.
Please direct all questions to either or 

We thank you for yor patience and cooperation during these disrupting adjustments.  Safety and health are our paramount concerns.
We at PEC thank you for your devotion to the profession, your resilience will likely be further tested, thank you in advance.
CDC Q&A with the JAMA editor in chief helpful.  MASKS a necessity, “greatest infectiousness the 2 days prior to illness and first two days of your illness”.  Asymptomatic transmission.  Help all, wear a mask in public and the recommendation is to get the flu vaccine.
Summary on the issue of masks
Good summary of treatment recomendations from the NIH


PEC has now had a number of successful live events in which we practiced CDC guidelines.  All wore masks, we spread out tables and chairs, took temps at the door, had plenty of hand sanitizer, and served delicious boxed meals.  I was at least 6 feet away, so I took off my mask to lecture.  

Please go to reputable sources for information and be that nurse in the community that speaks from knowledge and not panic.
My subscription to ObGFirst: has proved most valuable.
I am getting updates about the COVID 19 virus and new information reagrding the impact on pregnancy almost daily.

This is one of the best things I have read about what we know of transmission, published in BMJ, eptember 17, 2020

Direct link from the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine new guidelines for
Management Considerations for Prenant Patients With COVID-19
Updated  January  8, 2021

 Direct link from the CDC a statement particular to pregnancy risks.  Updated September 3, 2020

Direct link from the CDC a statement particular to pregnancy risks.  Updated July 23, 2020

Direct link from the CDC a statement particular to Obstetric InPatient care:  Updated weekly on Thursdays by the cdc

Here is a statement released in BJOG this week:

Direct link from the CDC a statement particular to newborn care.  Updated August 3, 2020


This was just published  today, 6/16, the indirect effects of COVID 19 on Maternal and Fetal Health, very scary, continued work to be done:

Today, October 1, was a report published Flaherman et al. (Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2020) report early findings from the nationwide PRegnancy CoronavIrus Outcomes RegIsTrY (PRIORITY)

The original CDC directive from 3/15 advised avoiding gatherings for 8 weeks.  That took us to May 10th.
Then we began following each state and host hospital recommendations.
We continue to work to reschedule most of our spring seminars.
 PEC would like to thank the devoted host hospital representatives for their help.  

Please check the website registration page of your event for updates, and watch your email (if already registered). 
Registrants will be notified by email.  We are attempting to keep the specific registration page for each event updated.  

We understand that the postponement of an event is difficult for you and that it interrupts plans for certification and obtaining needed CE credits.
We do have alternative solutions to travel and classroom attendance:
Both the InPatient OB Review and the EFM Review are available as online nursing seminars as webinar series.
PEC also has HomeStudy Units, text books with self study units for earning needed credits, available.

If you were consdering a seminar, possibly a webinar series would better fit your needs.
We have a new mechanism:  You pick your start date.


If you are registered for the 2020 Cruise and Learn it has been postponed.  The 2021 Cruise will not be affeted by this postponment.
Watch that website, or communication from Majestic1Vacations International
for updates.