Presented By: Suzanne McMurtry Baird, DNP, RN
16 hr CE 

High Risk OB: Be Aware & Save Lives: Any pregnant coupolet can become a high risk.  It is the nurse at the bedside most likely to and in need of Recognizing the Compromised Woman/Fetus/Newborn and Implementing Life-Saving Care!  

This seminar is for all Labor and Delivery team members!  It is specific to the recognition and care of the Inpatient OB High-Risk mother, but that is a potential to be dealt with not just in a OB ICU.  

In-depth review of normal physiology and pregnancy changes with an emphasis on developing pathophysiology. 

About Your Speaker:
Suzanne is the best person to teach this course, you have read her books and seen her lecture at AWHONN conventions.

Suzanne has specialized in High Risk & Critical Care Obstetrics throughout her career.

Suzanne has taught a number of webinars, as well as both international and national seminars.

She brings her passion and extensive clinical research, and education experience to the PEC

seminars with the goal to improve outcomes for the high risk and critically ill women.

She is one of the editors of the  Intrapartum Management Modules, 5th edition textbook and serves as an editor for AWHONN’s High Risk and Critical Care Obstetrics, 4th edition text.