Home birth in the Hospital

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Written by a physician, this book embraces the power and possibility of integrative childbirth, in which the compassionate tradition of midwives is combined with the technical expertise of western medicine. Too often pregnant women feel they must choose between the emotional support of a home birth and the technical advantages offered by a hospital. Women may need a hospital birth because their insurance covers it, or because of family concerns, health problems, or previous experience with a difficult birth. Yet they still want the compassion and empowerment of a natural childbirth at home.

The book presents fifteen powerful testimonies of women who have had an integrative childbirth in a hospital setting, with commentary by the physician who enabled these emotionally satisfying births. These stories show that women can prepare for birth in ways that minimize fear and put technology where it belongs.

Dr. Kerr provides clear guidelines for planning an integrative birth, focusing on the “Five C’s”: Choice, Communication, Continuity, Confidence, and Control of Protocols. Prospective parents will learn what questions to ask when searching for a provider and how to make their hospital birth ​the personal and fulfilling experience they desire.

As a family physician, Dr. Kerr has been providing the “homebirth in the hospital”
experience for women for over fifteen years.

Stacey Marie Kerr, MD