The EFM Workbook

A Practical Guide To EFM Definitions & Interpretation

73 Pages
2 CE Credits

Practice for the NCC EFM Specialty Exam
Utilize this Workbook for Unit Competency and Review
An excellent tool for new nurses to L&D

“Care of the laboring woman requires clinical skills in both maternal and fetal assessment. Electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) in the United States is the single most common obstetric procedure and it requires shared assessment and communication skills between nurses, physicians, and midwives. However, the basic skills of fetal monitoring tracing definitions and interpretation are often performed without the benefit of a shared mental model amongst the wide variety of clinicians utilizing the modality, where education as well as years of experience may vary widely. This workbook was developed to provide all obstetric clinicians, regardless of training or years of experience with an opportunity to apply standardized definitions and principles of interpretation to a variety of fetal heart rate tracings.”

Lisa A. Miller, CNM, JD, C-EFM

Janice Denny Gibbs, MSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM