Presented by Cindy Parke, RNC, C-EFM, CNM, MSN

A Few Program Objectives: 

  • Update your clinical knowledge base
  • Review key clinical care issues
  • Improve decision-making skills to enhance patient safety and improve outcomes!
  • The content compliments NCC InPatient OB Nursing exam components and through a collaborative effort with NCC
  • Develop policies/strategies for labor induction and augmentation based on respects of physiology, safety evidence, and NICHD Recommendation.
  • Review pain assessments and management in labor including non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic care techniques.
  • Identify adverse fetal response to labor, causation, clinical observations, interventions, and intrauterine resuscitation.
  • Identify normal and abnormal parameters in the second stage; explore new research-based second stage management.

And much more!

Program Details:

This seminar is another opportunity for Labor & Delivery nurses in need of orientation, practice enhancement, and/or NCC Test Prep for the InPatient OB Nursing Certification Exam.

The L&D Review seminar has the same content as our InPatient OB Review, but these locations/dates are taught by Cindy Parke, RNC, C-EFM, CNM, MSN.  Cindy is a skilled lecturer with a wealth of clinical, legal, and teaching experience. 

These additional locations and dates are an extra opportunity to meet your scheduling needs. 

Join Cindy for an exciting seminar, Learn from the Best and Pass the Test!