NCC Recertification

Congratulations on your certification with NCC.
You will find that in order to keep your status that you must periodically re-certify. The process for this is explained (and the rules are purely NCC’s) on the NCC website.

PEC would like to make this process easier for you. We are in the process of updating the categorizing all of our seminars and HomeStudy Units into
suggested re-certification hours. NCC has updated and changed the code categories recently.

Preparation Suggestions for Exam Candidates

Until the time that we can provide you the most up to date information, PEC cautions that you use the information on the grids below as just a base. The buttons will connect you to a PDF copy of the grid for either all seminars or for all HomeStudy Units.For your convenience, You can download the grid and keep it with the CE certificate you earn from PEC. Compare the grids with the “CE Coding for CORE Maintenance” pamphlets available at the NCC website page: If you need personal attention regarding a grid, you may email .