​​​NCC Exam Opportunities, Details, and Preparation Suggestions
Option to sit an NCC Exam on-site (paper-pencil format) following the review seminar:  

Scroll down for full registration instructions and a direct NCC website link.

EFM Sub-Specialty Exam: Following the EFM Review Seminar: 
Exam is the second afternoon and allows 1.5 hours.  

InPatient Obstetric Nursing Core Exam: available at two seminars:  Following the InPatient OB Review Seminar or following Labor & Delivery Review: Physiologic Intensive Caring Seminar:  
Exam is the following (third) morning and allows 3 hours

Maternal Newborn Nursing Core Exam:  Following the Maternal and Low Risk Newborn Review
exam is the next (fourth) morning, allows 3 hours. 

Low Risk Neonatal Nursing Core Exam:  
Following EITHER the Maternal and Newborn Review Seminar 
(Exam is the next (fourth) morning, allows 3 hours)
NOW AVAILABLE at the NICU Review Seminar (Exam is the third afternoon, allow 3 hours).   

Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Core Exam: Following the NICU Review Seminar 
Exam is the third afternoon, allows 3 hours

You must register separately and at least 21 days prior to exam date
You must attend at least one day of the corresponding review seminar

Registration Instructions for an NCC Exam on-site with a PEC seminar:
 1.  Complete registration for the PEC Review Seminar:                                                                
                     On the check out page, Check the box that you are taking the exam on-site.                                                        
There is a $25 non-refundable Test Administration Fee due to PEC.                                              

You will receive the PEC class code (Item number) on check out.​ 
  2.  Proceed to the NCC website, utilize this button for direct access;  

​Read contents on first page, scroll down and click Register for a PEC exam:                   
3.  Next on the NCC website page:                                                                                                               
 Choose the appropriate exam from the list; page opens, answer questions.                     
              4.  The answer to Question #2 "Test site code" is the the Item Number on your registration receipt.   
                    It begins with the numbers "17" or "18".                                                                                                                
 When you enter the code, a city and test date will appear below the box, be sure it is correct, 
otherwise you have entered something incorrectly.                                                            
               5.  Proceed through the rest of the NCC questions and then pay the $275 fee due NCC for the exam.                        

Preparation Suggestions for Exam Candidates:
It is PEC's suggestion that all candidates download and review the Candidates Guide specific to the test they are taking from the NCC website.  Specifically pay attention to the break down of the test question categories.  Also review the topics covered and perform a self assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.  
If you identify weaknesses consider studying before you attend a Seminar.  
We have excellent resources within the HomeStudy Units for this purpose.  

We are happy to answer all of your questions or take your registration over the phone by calling our toll free line at (800)732-2387.  Our office is open from 9am to 4pm PST, M-F.