NCC Exam Opportunities, Details, and Preparation Suggestions

Option to sit an NCC Exam on-site (paper-pencil format) following the review seminar: Scroll down for full registration instructions and a direct NCC website link.
If your institution has purchased vouchers for test taking (paid for your test) you CANNOT USE the Voucher to test at the PEC seminar site.

EFM Specialty Exam:
Following the EFM Advanced Review Seminar
Exam is 2 hours, and may be the morning to follow or with one day interruption (as the review is presented on two consecutive days), check scheduling information.  

InPatient Obstetric Nursing Core Exam:

Following the InPatient OB Review Seminar
Exam is the following (third) morning and allows 3 hours

Maternal Newborn Nursing Core Exam:

Following the Maternal and Low Risk Newborn Review
exam is the next (fourth) morning, allows 3 hours.

Low Risk Neonatal Nursing Core Exam:  (Exam will no longer be available paper-pencil in 2019) 
Following EITHER the Maternal and Newborn Review Seminar
(Exam is the next (fourth) morning, allows 3 hours)
NOW AVAILABLE at the NICU Review Seminar (Exam is the third afternoon, allow 3 hours).

Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Core Exam:
Following the NICU Review Seminar
Exam is the third morning, allows 3 hours


  • You must register separately and at least 21 days prior to exam date
  • You must attend at least one day of the corresponding review seminar
  • If your institution has purchased a voucher for you to register with (has pre-paid your fee) you CANNOT test paper-pencil on site at the PEC seminar.  Read the information from yur institution, and the voucher so you get this right.

Registration Instructions for an NCC Exam on-site with a PEC seminar:

  1. Complete registration for the PEC Review Seminar:
    On the PEC check-out page, check the box that you are taking the exam on-site. This will be a payment of $30; a non-refundable Test Administration Fee payment to PEC.
  2. The PEC test site code is in red on the PEC class check-out page and (in small font) under the “Check out with PayPal” button on the check out page.  ​
  3. Proceed to the NCC website, utilize this URL for direct access to the correct page:
  4. ​Read contents on first page, scroll down and click the button “Register for a PEC exam”
  5. The next page you reach should ask you to sign in.  If that page does not appear, check that your computer doesn’t already have you logged in (top right corner) if so sign out and then try again.  (Otherwise you may get an error message when you try on the next page to validate a code).
  6. On the next NCC website page you are asked to insert a “Test site code” as explained in step #2 above.  The code begins with the numbers two zero. (20)
    Then click the validate the code button.  Whe you click, a city and test date will appear, be sure it is correct, and corresponds to the city and date of the Review seminar you registered for; otherwise, you have entered something incorrectly.
  7. Next, on the same page choose the exam you will be taking.  Be careful to choose correctly as you cannot change your choice at the exam site.  Only the exam that corresponds with your seminar can be chosen, unless you have specific instructions from PEC and Cindy Parke.
  8. Proceed through the rest of the NCC questions and then pay the $275 fee due NCC for the exam.  If you are being requested to pay $325 you are registering for the computerized exam, not a paper-pencil exam to follow the seminar.  Go back to the top of these instructions and start again!
  9. Make sure that you check out completely and get a verification of that.
  10. You will receive an email verifying your acceptance as a candidate.  YOU MUST print this out and bring with you to the seminar exam site.

Preparation Suggestions for Exam Candidates

It is PEC’s suggestion that all candidates download and review the Candidates Guide specific to the test they are taking from the NCC website. Specifically pay attention to the breakdown of the test question categories. Also review the topics covered and perform a self-assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. If you identify weaknesses consider studying before you attend a Seminar. We have excellent resources within the Home Study Units for this purpose.
We are happy to answer all of your questions or take your registration over the phone by calling our toll free line at (800)732-2387.
Our office is open, phones answered, from 9am to 3:30 pm PST, M-F.