NCC Exam Opportunities, Details, and Preparation Suggestions

The option to sit an NCC Exam on-site (paper-pencil format) following a PEC review seminar will cease in 2021, as NCC moves to completely virtual or computer center testing.
However, PEC continues to negotiate the details for an offer exclusive to PEC  2021 students, students of virtual, taped, or live review seminars.
“Second Chance Free”:
If you utilize a PEC seminar for test preparation, and fail the exam on first try, you will not pay an additional fee to NCC to test again.
PEC will provide individual consultation complimentary following a failure,
if individual tutoring is chosen after the consultation, there will be an hourly fee charged.

Please return to this website page in mid December for all details and the link and codes for NCC registration as a PEC 2021 student.
We advise registration for the PEC class event now, but to wait on the NCC registration.
Likely you will be directed to register with NCC for an exam after the PEC event (this is different than the past), utilizing a code and your certificate of attendance.

PEC will continue to follow CDC guidelines in the limited live seminars on the schedule, with the safety of all a priority in our minds and actions.
We are scheduling some of the review seminars as Live Virtual events (they will not be recorded).  There will be live access to the instructor for questions.
There are also recorded webinar series for preparation that allow you to view in sections and around your personal time needs.  There is email access for questions.

Preparation Suggestions for Exam Candidates

It is PEC’s suggestion that all candidates download and review the Candidates Guide specific to the test they are taking from the NCC website. Specifically pay attention to the breakdown of the test question categories. Also review the topics covered and perform a self-assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. If you identify weaknesses consider studying before you attend a Seminar. We have excellent resources within the Home Study Units for this purpose.
We are happy to answer all of your questions or take your registration over the phone by calling our toll free line at (800)732-2387.
Our office is open, phones answered, from 9am to 3:30 pm PST, M-F.