2018 NICU: 
The most Comprehensive Review 
with the exclusive opportunity to choose to write two Neonatal NCC Exams on site

Orientation tool or Refinement of Skills, 
Intense Physiologic-based Review 

Appropriate for Level II Nursery Nurses 
PEC recommends that the Low Risk Newborn Nursing NCC Exam
​is likely better suited for Level II Nursery Nurses.

You have the option to choose either the NICU Nursing or the Low Risk Newborn Nursing exam on site to follow this NICU Review Seminar.  

See the  NCC Exam Registration button below (and page)  for more details.   
NCC Exam option available for qualified applicants on the third afternoon;
NCC exam registration and registration payment are separate**

3-Day Seminar
Updated for 2017
Prepared and Presented by Dr. M. Terese Verklan, 
Editor of the new 5th Ed. Core Curriculum NICU

Learn from the Best and Pass the Test!  
             PEC recommends that you review before the seminar if you plan to test on site. 
                 and review the test content listed in the NCC Candidates Guide.

                 **Taking the review course does not guarantee passing the exam.  

 2018 SEMINARS     NICU REVIEW                     

Advanced Fetal Monitoring    Antepartum Care Examined      EFM Review
High Risk & Critical Care OB    InPatient OB Review    Labor and Delivery Review       
Maternal Newborn Review      Women's Health Ultrasound    

NCC and PEC are separate entities, and providing the NCC exam on site is an exclusive PEC advantage to our participants. (NICU Nursing or Low Risk Newborn Nursing exams available).  
Convenient and concise, couple the review and the immediate exam for improved results.  
Learn from the Best and Pass the Test!  

 Be aware that registration for the exam is separate and includes both a Test Fee due to NCC of $275 
and a Test Administration fee of $25 due PEC for taking the exam on site.  There is a net $25 savings. 
​​NCC exam registration must be done at least 21 days prior to the test date.