Bartlett Regional Hospital
KP Orange

Private Seminars at your Site:

A private event is held at your site at an agreed upon date and can be altered to meet your specific needs.

Among others, we have assisted Kaiser Permanente San Diego, CA; Enloe Hospital, CA; and now Juneau AK to assist their nurses and improve safety and care for their patients.

Advantages of a private seminar to the hospital or system:

  • No travel costs or extra time for travel for your associates
  • Your choice to keep the event just for your staff, or to open it up to a broader audience.
  • You set registration fees and keep all receipts
  • National advertisement for your hospital, a free recruiting tool, within our website at your request
  • Encouragement of certification and advancement toward Magnet Status with savings on NCC exams

For complete information, and to discuss the specific needs for your site, just email