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Professional Education Center was first established in 1991 and continues its mission.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of continuing education available to meet the determined educational needs of the health care professional.

Professional Education Center, Cindy Parke RNC, CNM, MSN, a practicing nurse for 40+ years spearheads the program, which focuses on obstetrical continuing education for nurses.  

Cindy considers herself fortunate getting drawn into OB, and proudly proclaims, she’s “in it for life!”

The nurses are why we do what we do, they are in the field and we have a long track record of getting nurses from all backgrounds to feel like they can do anything.

Seminars At Your Site

For new students getting oriented, it is an opportunity to get great subject matter under your belt.  We have an exclusive arrangement with NCC (National Certification Corporation) so you can use us to become a certified nurse in OB in different specialties.

Exclusive NCC Exam Opportunities

We also have the opportunity and option to sit for an NCC Exam on-site (paper-pencil format) following the review seminar. You devote 2-3 days of class.  The following day sit for the test and voilà you have completed a huge and important goal. PEC is the only place where you can get this done while keeping class size and price manageable.

We offer opportunities nationwide.  We try to make it fun for you by offering our courses at different spots, giving the opportunity for a vacation at an educational destination.

CHECK OUT OUR CALENDAR FOR UPCOMING SEMINARS: https://www.proedcenter.com/calendar/