Online Nursing Seminars

Presented as a recorded webinar series

Get certified by utilizing PEC Review webinars in the comfort and safety of you own home: Online Nursing Seminars.

In this Covid crisis, the importance of continuing nursing education cannot be ignorned.
Why not take a positive stance and utilize some of the “social distancing” time to pursue certificaiton? 

These courses allow participants to update their clinical knowledge base, review key clinical care issues, and
improve decision-making skills to enhance patient safety and improve outcomes!
Passage of an NCC certification exam can follow!  

 PEC has online webinars produced for both InPatient OB Review and the EFM Review as recorded webinar series.
You study on your own time within weekly (homework) parameters, but you can complete at a faster pace as well!

New 2021 updates:
New pricing, webinars reduced.
Continued access to InPatient OB and EFM in a recorded format.
New access to “live virtual” Maternal Newborn Review and NICU Review, select dates 2021 (no recordings available)
Limited opportunities for in person seminars as well (see our calendar)
Exclusive PEC offering for our students, NCC testing with a “Second Chance Free” (details soon)

If these webinars don’t meet your needs, try the other online (or at home) options of Ultrasound Training and HomeStudy Units.  


Due to the disruption in seminar scheduling with the health conerns with COVID-19, we are altering the start dates for our Online Nursing Seminars (webinars).  Please indicate your desired start date by email after registering to    


PEC would like to thank all nurses working through this crisis on the front line.  We hope that you have the safety equipement
needed as you work so diligently for families.  I would like to also thank all of you that have flexed with us as we made so many changes
to the seminar schedule.  Many of you chose the webinar alternative.
I have heard from many about PASSING exams as well!  CONGRATULATIONS to all and to the families you care for.

I just recieved a thank you note from one of you, and I wanted to share.  It made my day!  Conrgatulations to CT:

“Thank you again for your fabulous webinar! It has already helped me so much in my antepartum practice (i had a patient this week that I was able to intervene early with to get her over to L&D because of close recognition to her contraction pattern and symptoms. Triage wanted to obs her because she wasn’t “making progress “ but she went from 3-6 in an hour with me! Her contractions were tracing very subtle for me but I stayed at bedside and used what you taught to really anticipate what she needed. Thank you for increasing my confidence!!!

I passed my C-EFM test, and just got my certification in the mail today!!  Thank you so much!!!”




A woman watching our online nursing seminars

InPatient OB Review Webinar
18 CE Credits

InPatient OB Review:  L&D Orientation and NCC Exam Prep
This is a core L&D Review class
Study on your own time within weekly parameters
4 Hours each week (approximate taped time)
PLUS Individual consultation available from the lecturer,
Get Ready to Test!


Content of the program is expanded but follows the basic outline and content from the InPatient OB Review seminar.
Click here to download that brochure 

Electronic Fetal Monitoring Advanced Review Webinar
11 CE Credits

Continuing Education and NCC Exam Prep
Study on your own time within weekly parameters
4 Hours each week (approximate taped time)
PLUS Individual consultation available from the lecturer,
Get Ready to Test!

Content of the program is expanded, but follows the outline and content similar to the live seminar.
Click here to download that brochure


As A Reminder

Our Seminars are “review” courses, and as such, they are fast-paced expecting to review rather than teach new concepts.  We strongly suggest prior preparation.  We suggest that you download the “Candidates Guide” from the NCC website and review the exam content areas, doing a self-assessment of your strengths and weaknesses to assist with your own focus in the seminar.  You may email PEC if you want further directives:  

The allotted seminar time does not allow for an in-depth review of all content areas, nor is PEC or its speakers aware of which areas are stressed in testing.